What is Mediation and Moderation? An Important discussion.

What is Mediation and Moderation? An Important discussion.

Research Review: Q&A Session: Mediation and Moderation with Dr. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh.

By Dr. Faizan

[Assistant Professor at College of Hospitality and Tourism Leadership at University of South Florida Sarasota Manatee]

An important discussion on mediation and moderation. Dr. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh and Dr. Faizan discuss issues related to Moderation and Mediation.

Discussion covers the various issues such as direct and indirect effects

  • multiple and serial mediations
  • hypothesizing moderation and mediation
  • theoretical support for mediation and moderation
  • complementary and competitive mediators
  • continuous and categorical moderators
  • multi-group analysis

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